Mica-Paper Electrical Insulating Products

Resin Rich Tape and Sheet

General :

Modified Multifunctional epoxy resin bonded, Glass muscovite mica paper. Can withstand more than 155C.


Broadly used in coils of medium & high voltage motors.

Product Properties:

Properties Unit Standard Value
Thickness Mm 0.18 0.03
Muscovite Mica Paper g/m 1208
Resin Content g/m 11015
Glass Fabric g/m 353
Tensile Strength N/cm ≥ 140
Breakdown Voltage KV/Layer ≥35


Sheets of 1000 mm

Tapes :

12.5 mm to 50 mm (standard) [as per customers requirement]

Shelf Life :

Standard Temperature of 20 C 5C - 12 months

N.B. :

Specific customer requirements can be catered.